Tip Support

If merchants wish to support tip amounts, there are several options available:

Prompt for tip in app

  • The developer will prompt for tip in the UI of their application
  • startTransaction is called with the tip field present in the transDict ( NSMutableDictionary ).
  • Amount field should include the tip amount in the total.
  • Works with all card types, regardless of supported CVMs.
  • Will work regardless of the terminal config.

Prompt for tip on terminal

  • prompTip parameter in PaymentEngineMiddlewareSettings should be set to be true.
  • Terminal will prompt customer to enter tip amount.
  • Tip amount is added onto the original amount and passed in the transDict ( NSMutableDictionary) for the total auth amount.
  • Works with all card types, regardless of supported CVMs.
  • Will not work with the Tip Adjust terminal config. Use the All CVM base config and make sure to enable_tip_adjust is set to false.

Adjust tip post authorization

  • startTransaction is called with amount field NOT including tip amount.
  • After authorization, tip is typically entered on paper receipt in conjunction with signature.
  • startTransaction is called again with the amount field set to new total (which now includes the tip amount), the tip field set to the tip amount and the refNum field set to the transaction refnum received during the original authorization.
  • PIN CVM must be disabled and will NOT work with cards that require PIN CVM.
  • Terminal must be configured for Tip Adjust using setTerminalConfig method Use setTerminalConfig(TerminalConfig.getTipAdjustConfig());