Middleware Library for Android

The EBizCharge Middleware library allows developers to process EMV, contactless and swiped transactions on the EBizCharge gateway. The library handles all communication between the hardware and gateway. This allows developers to create rich mobile payment applications without the hassle and expense of EMV certification.

The library supports Android 4.0+.

UEMiddleware Class

UEMiddleware Interface

  • onConnected() - Called when the middleware has connected to the device.
  • onStatusChanged() - Called when there is an update to the transaction status.
  • onSeePhoneNFC() - Called when the terminal is waiting for the customer to complete a step on their phone or mobile device.
  • onPromptForPartialAuth() - Called when a transaction is only partially approved. IMPORTANT: The implementor must create a dialog which gives the user the choice to accept or decline the partial authorization. When the result is received the implementor must then call returnPartialAuthDecision().
  • onTransactionComplete() - Called when the transaction is complete.
  • onDisconnected() - Called when the middleware has disconnected from the device.
  • onDeviceInfoReceived() - Called when device info has been received.
  • onError() - Called when there is a general error, if the transaction cannot proceed it will have been cancelled gracefully, no need to call cancel
  • onProgressBarUpdateAvailable() - Called back when the progress bar has changed.
  • onReceiptReceived() - Called back when the receipt object returns from the API.
  • onMerchantCapabilitiesReceived() - Called when merchant capability data has been received.
  • onGatewayInfoReceived() - Called when gateway info has been received.

Change History

v2.3.1 - 2017-01-23

  • Support for the First Data Nashville and Tsys processing platforms

2.2.1 - 8/11/16 - Support for the Global processing platform

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